The 100 Mission Was Complicated

It was set and prepare for and some of your favorite character would soon vanished in the movie series The 100 . Just like any other movie series it would be very timely for them to be missed and we must move on with our drama and continue the quest. After Lexa’s death we have seen our protagonist and her teams have faced plenty of obstacles. Although while we expect that the story would soon raise up to our idea that the characters we loved should do some action and just set aside those connections between Lexa and the team. Although that’s not what in the story, it is just so amazing that they use Lexa’s death to make our guys fight the bad guys.
For The 100 forcibly exile towards the Earth was just a blessing in disguise since they can do anything on Earth. But to some the idea is not that good because they don’t know if they can survive from the unknown environment and later they know that they have to face off with the survivor of Earth, who hunt them down and thanks to that they have learn something in life that greed and power are they two elements that will make men fall down.

On the start, it seems they are very desperate trying to stay at the space station but now it is a freedom for them. Since the Earth is now ready to give life for people but the people are not like the Earth. People who love power and control will do everything in its will to manipulate people because they are fearful but the good is that those brave men from the space station somehow defeat their enemies. After defeating them The 100 with its survivor would later on call themselves the Grounders. I don’t know if The 100 people of the movie series hate the idea of being sent back to Earth as a second chance for them since they are prisoners in the space station. Their mission even forcefully to repopulate Earth after nuclear apocalypse event. Nonetheless that the story seems find other people on Earth and very savage and so The 100 must remove any barriers and must work together for their survival.

While they are expendables due to their sentence for the crime they have committed. They are a test subject I guess for the people in the space station to find out if the people on Earth can live once more and people who are on space station  must come down to live Earth. Nonetheless, while they are being monitored above using their bracelet, some people in the Earth are arguing about sending message to the space station to inform that Earth is healed already and their only tasks is to stay alive. Simple word but we all know that living on Earth alone is not that simple since they are survivors on Earth who will give problem to The 100 and that leads to the death of Lexa. On the other hand it is time for us to anticipate the coming of The 100 season 5.


This is just only  very short  remarks for the  “The 100 Season 5” you can go  to this source  to know about this this upcoming scifi drama.