Boom Beach in the Perspective of the Developers

boom beach1

Gearing up to assault mobile gamer worldwide, SuperCell is pushing another update for Boom Beach franchise on us. To find out how much steam the franchise has left in its boiler, we caught up with producer Harvard Bonin.

The developers added a lot of user controls in order to help the player command their units this time round. The biggest change was the focus on the interactions and the tactics of the units themselves. We really wanted to enhance the experience of the player and the depth the player finds within the units and tactics of the game.

Another new area for Boom Beach is the different Boom Beach Hack of multiplayer we now have. There’s a task force mode where you and a friend can play a small campaign together against the AI. Unholy Alliance, as we call it, gives two players a construction site each, one on each side. The depth of using units together from the outset is just amazing.

It’s a continuation of the prowess of COC. Boom Beacg is set about 20 years after the original, and Dr. Terror has been building up slowly after its loss of the first war, under the guise of a safe political arena. The original Boom Beach, which was obviously why we chose to continue it. The sexiness of still retaining the cold war feel really has a lot of possibilities for us. So we’ll definitely be continuing the franchise one way or the other.

Well, there’s an awful lot of games out there. I’ve seen a lot of games go to 3D, and we will definitely be heading down that road as long as we feel our consumer base can incorporate that technology. I’ve seen a lot of experiments right now; some are successful, and some are not. Online will become a larger force as broadband becomes more prevalent. I’m a believer in the single-player experience also though; sometimes you just don’t want to get beat up by some guy down the road. There are an awful lot of exciting things, and who knows how it will all translate into a console when Internet gaming becomes more prevalent.

Boom Beach online will be done through Supercell Servers Online. We’ve redone our whole interface, just to make it more user friendly so you can just find a quick match and jump right in. Typically people haven’t been playing online as much as we’d like. The battle between single-player and multiplayer is on, with about 80% of people not playing multiplayer. We’d like to move towards a more mass-market appeal.

Well, we passed our alpha about two weeks ago — that’s where we polish, improve and so on. We’ve been playing the game for the last six months, so rather than making a lot of changes we’re just tweaking some of the values on the units and balancing everything out. Our prime concern is making sure that the game is very easy to play — the top concern is making sure that it’s fun as well.


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