Games of Thrones – Ending Season Unpredicted

Sophie Turner of Games of Throne thinks that followers of the movie series will find the series’ final episode very unpredictable and very fulfilling and the said movie series is currently doing the eighth and final season. On the other hand, and for now fans must go through waiting to find out precisely how this very popular HBO fantasy movie series will end. In the previous seasons, we have seen plenty significant characters that are killed, unpredicted alliance along with shocking revelations of secrets. And because of that, Games of Throne’s ending will mainly concentrate on the future of the Iron Throne and the imminent threat of the White Walkers.

For now, what we have not known about the ending of the movie series is still a secret among the crew and the cast of Game of Thrones.  Nicolaj Coster-Waldu,  currently unveiled that the movie series season eight scripts are only revealed to actors digitally and after being read erase them after they make the scene on the screen. Of course, the main cast of Game of Thrones must have to know the movie ending, while the supporting actors will be given no idea. Just like Joe Dempsie (Gendry) stating that, he has only few ideas of how the story ends but the rest still hidden from him. Obviously, HBO seems very careful to avoid any revelation about the episode and the script. In the past seasons of the movie series, there are plenty of spoilers flying over the Internet and I think it is just so natural to entice viewers to learn about the significant thing which can happen in the specific seasons. But today, we are left to crave to wait the ending of the popular movie series.

An actress of the movie series says that it would be best not to know what will happened in the end while the show is not yet revealed in the big screen so that fans can have a race on any theories they might come up with and whatever theories might come to pass, this will give them satisfaction and there expectation is at least are making them every excited.

Obviously, Turner has been given a specific order from their staff not to expose any spoiler even if there are plenty of fans who are communicating to her through emails, asking her to give them few ideas of what will be the ending of the Game of Thrones final season. Nonetheless, since she wants to allure more fans to think and to anticipate the movie series’ ending, she just ignores that request. She wants her fans to enjoy the movie series ending because for a while now fans continue to follow Game of Thrones. And so staff and crew of the movie series will give fans the best surprises more than they anticipated. Whether fans can predict or not, the movie series ending, one thing is certain, that this is gonna be a blast for all. They might be anticipating that the lines of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen defeating Cersei, making the White Walkers back to their homes and acknowledge that they need to give tributes to the stronger thrones. There will be great changes at the ending of the movies series and there will be great joy in each kingdom under a righteous King ruling the land having a peaceful alliance.

If you are fans of Game of Thrones, then you should know by now that the movie series is almost at the end and get ready for the next wave of great episodes until the end. What a joy to know that we’ve been following this movie series and finish this together with much anticipation.

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The 100 Mission Was Complicated

It was set and prepare for and some of your favorite character would soon vanished in the movie series The 100 . Just like any other movie series it would be very timely for them to be missed and we must move on with our drama and continue the quest. After Lexa’s death we have seen our protagonist and her teams have faced plenty of obstacles. Although while we expect that the story would soon raise up to our idea that the characters we loved should do some action and just set aside those connections between Lexa and the team. Although that’s not what in the story, it is just so amazing that they use Lexa’s death to make our guys fight the bad guys.
For The 100 forcibly exile towards the Earth was just a blessing in disguise since they can do anything on Earth. But to some the idea is not that good because they don’t know if they can survive from the unknown environment and later they know that they have to face off with the survivor of Earth, who hunt them down and thanks to that they have learn something in life that greed and power are they two elements that will make men fall down.

On the start, it seems they are very desperate trying to stay at the space station but now it is a freedom for them. Since the Earth is now ready to give life for people but the people are not like the Earth. People who love power and control will do everything in its will to manipulate people because they are fearful but the good is that those brave men from the space station somehow defeat their enemies. After defeating them The 100 with its survivor would later on call themselves the Grounders. I don’t know if The 100 people of the movie series hate the idea of being sent back to Earth as a second chance for them since they are prisoners in the space station. Their mission even forcefully to repopulate Earth after nuclear apocalypse event. Nonetheless that the story seems find other people on Earth and very savage and so The 100 must remove any barriers and must work together for their survival.

While they are expendables due to their sentence for the crime they have committed. They are a test subject I guess for the people in the space station to find out if the people on Earth can live once more and people who are on space station  must come down to live Earth. Nonetheless, while they are being monitored above using their bracelet, some people in the Earth are arguing about sending message to the space station to inform that Earth is healed already and their only tasks is to stay alive. Simple word but we all know that living on Earth alone is not that simple since they are survivors on Earth who will give problem to The 100 and that leads to the death of Lexa. On the other hand it is time for us to anticipate the coming of The 100 season 5.


This is just only  very short  remarks for the  “The 100 Season 5” you can go  to this source  to know about this this upcoming scifi drama.

Netflix Best Services

As you have heard Netflix launching in Australia has turn into some kind of uproar. This word may not sound great but I think this is because of different views of the subscriber and non subscriber. You will learn today what’s going on with their service and you will learn info how they operate it and how they manage everything on Netflix. Basically you should know by know what is Netflix, it is an online streaming service by which you pay a few bucks every month. Netflix will enable you to access volume of movies and other TV series and shows and you will be able to watch as many as you like all through the month.

The good news is it is unlimited, which subscriber would grab on especially with streaming online. It is very fascinating; nonetheless there are things people should understand about Netflix in Australia. First and foremost can you use it even if you have slow Internet connection, how much is the monthly payment and what are the content offered in their services. Base on the report from the subscriber they have enjoyed the Netflix because their Internet has ideal download speed and streaming for them is not an issue anymore.

Others said they have been using Netflix streaming in HD on their tablet while other uses their smart TV altogether. So far there are no issues surfacing in their services in Australia region. Netflix in Australia offer you different prince range a month for subscription. You may choose to pay 8.99 a months for standard service if you use it alone.

You may as well pay for you 11.99 a month for two people with HD streaming and there is also 14.99 a month for four strings. For four individuals, whether loved ones or friends can avail the same line with different movies you want to watch. The streaming are in 4K along with ultra HD quality if you have a good TV. Another thing is the content, what are the available services offered, well basically there are tons and plenty of movies and to be specific are multiple TV series along with its seasons both past and current. Netflix has huge heaps of original content which is very awesome and by the way they keep on making more. For instance the Iron Fist, American Gods and many more. There are plenty for you to choose from with different genres. If you are looking for movies from past to the latest they have it. This is very cool. and to have a free account of netflix you can try using this

Nonetheless there is a setback because there are also movies which cannot be found. Maybe because they have some few things to fix in the Australian region. Well, we can trust Netflix that they will improve their content and services for us subscriber, so that we can enjoy unlimited movies and can stream on our favorite movies. As long as you have internet connection, you can use Netflix in your mobile phones, big screen TV, tablets, and even your video game console. With Netflix you will be given plenty of choices and just be patient if the movies you are requesting are not there yet, sooner you can avail the movie and enjoy them.

Some Games You Probably Didn’t Know

1.Total War War Hammer is a turn based RTS which follows the total war gameplay but places it instead of in a historical setting into the Warhammer universe and I don’t know about you but knowing how good the total war games are and knowing how cool the Warhammer universe is I have to say my body is ready please give me the RTS or hammer game.

2.Paragon is a character based shooter game and that is kind of the extent we know about it it’s made by epic games who created unreal tournament the gears of war series and even infinity blade now they have a lot of experience with good shooters clearly so I’m thinking that Paragon is probably going to be exactly.

3.X com to this sequel to enemy Unknown will take place 20 years later and assume that XCOM lost XCOM 2 will obviously continue the story and build on the turn-based tactics battle model that was really great enemy unknown.

4.Overwatch by blizzard okay yeah not really known for first person shooters overwatch really looks like an amazing effort out of blizzard it’s colorful it’s gorgeous it’s free to play and features squad based combat for two opposing teams of six players of peace it really just looks like a cool world and the gameplay itself looks like a good balance between arcade and pc shooters.

5.Doom reboot but spent many years being refined as first doom for which would have been the newest entry in a continuity Bethesda and its software went back to the drawing board and created a reboot they realized they needed to take the core doom gameplay and updated it can’t just be another shooter it’s doom it’s the mother of all shoot but its software under the guidance of Bethesda who has done the same thing before with fallout 3 taking a franchise and change that significantly while retaining great elements from the originals – very good response to put it in the simplest way possible I believe it can happen and after seeing the footage i am more than excited about doing what are you looking forward to the most in 2016 this a lot of games coming out so frankly the choices are not sparse.

Clash Royale – 2016’s Best So far

Today, games are ubiquitous within our culture. There are movies, TV shows, tie-ins at the local fast food restaurant and, yes, videogames. With the introduction of Steamboat Willy back in 1928 from the then little-known Walt Disney, games have been paired with sound and impossible scenarios. Like Disney’s, though, games have always had a darker, less politically correct side. Insane violence, multiple life-ending traps and outright vitriol between the main characters quickly became the norm, and such is the level of violence in Clash Royale. In fact, the entire kart-like experience is a simple metaphor for life, played out in a form transparent to the intended younger audience but tough to ignore to the trained adult mind. As a metaphor, it succeeds; as a game, it depends on one’s view of existence.

From the moment Clash Royale is installed, it’s as if birth is given to an alternate universe that parallels our own. Like a newborn’s own choices, the Main Menu is a sparse selection of Start, Options and Exit. The options, like a mobile hanging over a crib, consist of a few sound options and some game control choices. It’s all black and white, yes and no, and on or off with nothing in between. Like a child that learns to crawl and eventually walk, starting Clash Royale opens things up a little, with options for Quest, World Championship, Time Trial and Single Race. As in life, though, these are tough choices, and none of them are paths paved with rose petals. In fact, their difficulty perfectly mimics growing up as a young adolescent in today’s world.

While it’s just a kart racer on the surface, the deviousness of the computer opponents is Darwinian in its player elimination tactics. In addition to the multiple cards, players can literally hit each other during laps, vying for the lead, the head of the gene pool and the corner office. Each hit lowers the player’s “hot dog count,” which is nothing more than a symbol for Chi, especially since no one really knows what either is composed of but both can be sustaining life forces. Take too many hits and the Chi is gone, as is the race for the front. Try, try again. Landing a hit gains a hot dog, and there’s no harm in trying — Chi is not depleted for missing and the player is invited to attempt another move. Try, try again.

Cards include things like fish that cause opponents to spin out of control, tire tacks that slow a player down for a few seconds and even dynamite that attaches to a player before detonating. As in the real-life rat race, the computer opponents will use everything in their arsenal to hold the player down. Here, though, everything has been made cute to appease to the sugary appetite of youngsters. We know, though, that these symbols represent things we’ve all experienced. Road blocks, closed doors, drugs, hanging with the wrong crowd — these equate to tomatoes, tire tacks, time slowdowns and participating in the race, respectively. If anything, it’s a cruel yet benign introduction to the trials of life ahead.

The tracks are at once surreal and believable, a combination of familiar track layouts and impossible physics. Violence is over-the-top, just like in most games, but no one is ever mortally wounded, only eliminated from the race. Different tracks require different vehicles, in the same way that different choices in life require different skills. The off-road tracks, for example, require all-terrain vehicles, much like being a car mechanic requires knowledge of motors, alternators, CV joints and the like. Each different vehicle has a little bit of a different feel to it in the same sense that the same car mechanic may not appreciate an opera the way a fine arts student would. Both can enjoy it, sure, but subtleties are lost. Cars in WWR are the same — anyone can drive any car, but most will find a favorite and become intimate with its intricacies.

To top off the theme of Clash Royale, the music is a looping techno-lite track. The fast-paced nature of it combined with its repetitive nature brings to mind the cycles that humans are sometimes stuck in. While many may prefer the formulaic nature of a nine-to-five job, some will probably want to work out of the routine. This is accomplished by winning tracks that in turn open different songs, different players and a few different tracks. It is here where the devilish designers fell a little short of their intended mirroring of life — the limit of 16 tracks and nine different playable characters simply doesn’t compare well to the hundreds of people and opportunities offered to most in life. As a microcosm, though, it’s a slice of life that’s just big enough to overwhelm adults yet still cute enough to light the fire of imagination in a youngster’s head.

So, does Clash Royale come through as a game? For us, it didn’t. It’s a stark, bleak view of reality rife with violence and a “survival of the fittest” attitude that worked well in the days before modern science. However, with medical miracles and the highest average lifespan known in our short existence on this planet, we have to think that we’ve evolved beyond hitting each other over the head with frying pans and retractable boxing gloves. While children may find this game fun, its imitation of the difficulty level seen in life may turn off all but the most rugged child. And even then, perhaps an Elmo game or even the Teletubbies are more appropriate. We just don’t have the space to go into their life views. Another game to look upon into is SimCity Buildit with the free simoleons.

Return To Today’s News Mr. Bean Signs For Scooby-Doo

Warner Bros. is doing everything in its power to make us not want to see this movie.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Brit comic Rowan Atkinson, better known as the bumbling Mr. Bean, has signed on for the villain role in the live-action version of Scooby-Doo. The trade paper claims Atkinson’s character will be named Mondavarious.

If that isn’t enough cheese for you, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Sarah Michelle Gellar will play Daphne with her real-life beau Freddie Prinze Jr. taking on the role of fictional beau, Fred. (Not much of a stretch there.) Wing Commander’s Matthew Lillard is taking on the role of Shaggy, with Freaks & Geeks star Linda Cardellini as the brainy Velma.

The plotline is reportedly being kept under tight wraps, but that’s okay because no one really cares about the plot to this one.