Brawl Star – Tara From Short game to Long game

One of the powerful mystic characters in Brawl Star is Tara. Tara is a very mysterious kind but deadly. She is also a range attacker and can move fast like 2.5 tiles per second and has a good starter Hitpoints of 700. She is also one of the mythic brawlers. She is a character that is mostly played by gamers due to flexibility and convenience in handling.

credit; Supercell- Brawl Stars

Check it here the Power Traits of Tara

Tara’s primary attack is a Triple Tarot. The mechanics of this attack is like throwing a three card, flicks her wrist and ready to fire some card. She has amazing attack rating and attack speed in the starting game. Due to her fast movement, it is very easy for her to chase and kill an enemy especially with low HP. Some people call her a hit and run hunter.

Tara is already great in the beginning but once you unlock the ultimate ability, the Gravity, she will become a monster. Her ultimate is suited her very well due to its mechanism making an illusion. When an opponent is caught from its illusion, multiple enemies are going to bump their head that can cause heavy damage. When fighting Tara, it would be best to scatter around when she is using the ultimate. It is better to hit her first than to wait and lure her into your trap. Trapping her is pointless due to her quick movements that can easily avoid trap.
Tara’s hitpoints is good from the start. It’s making her more balance in her stats. When her HP is upgraded, her stats HP will be doubled and will make her stronger and even harder to kill.

The other thing that can make her more like a monster is when upgrading her first skills. Once upgrade is done, the triple card will become five card shot. The more she release some cards, the more more devastating she can be.
By the time you upgraded her ultimate, this is the time to hunt for a kill. It means that once it upgrades, it doubles the damage rate from the average. Every impact of its skills can easily deflate the HP of the opponent. Countering this ultimate when you are in a close group is impossible. It can make you stun when you are close to your allies.

The disadvantage when using Tara is that she is not good at one on one. Her ultimate is pointless when there isn’t any other multiple opponent. Tara is great when she is behind her allies attacking and casting ultimate skill creating some Nuclear blast.

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