Games of Thrones – Ending Season Unpredicted

Sophie Turner of Games of Throne thinks that followers of the movie series will find the series’ final episode very unpredictable and very fulfilling and the said movie series is currently doing the eighth and final season. On the other hand, and for now fans must go through waiting to find out precisely how this very popular HBO fantasy movie series will end. In the previous seasons, we have seen plenty significant characters that are killed, unpredicted alliance along with shocking revelations of secrets. And because of that, Games of Throne’s ending will mainly concentrate on the future of the Iron Throne and the imminent threat of the White Walkers.

For now, what we have not known about the ending of the movie series is still a secret among the crew and the cast of Game of Thrones.  Nicolaj Coster-Waldu,  currently unveiled that the movie series season eight scripts are only revealed to actors digitally and after being read erase them after they make the scene on the screen. Of course, the main cast of Game of Thrones must have to know the movie ending, while the supporting actors will be given no idea. Just like Joe Dempsie (Gendry) stating that, he has only few ideas of how the story ends but the rest still hidden from him. Obviously, HBO seems very careful to avoid any revelation about the episode and the script. In the past seasons of the movie series, there are plenty of spoilers flying over the Internet and I think it is just so natural to entice viewers to learn about the significant thing which can happen in the specific seasons. But today, we are left to crave to wait the ending of the popular movie series.

An actress of the movie series says that it would be best not to know what will happened in the end while the show is not yet revealed in the big screen so that fans can have a race on any theories they might come up with and whatever theories might come to pass, this will give them satisfaction and there expectation is at least are making them every excited.

Obviously, Turner has been given a specific order from their staff not to expose any spoiler even if there are plenty of fans who are communicating to her through emails, asking her to give them few ideas of what will be the ending of the Game of Thrones final season. Nonetheless, since she wants to allure more fans to think and to anticipate the movie series’ ending, she just ignores that request. She wants her fans to enjoy the movie series ending because for a while now fans continue to follow Game of Thrones. And so staff and crew of the movie series will give fans the best surprises more than they anticipated. Whether fans can predict or not, the movie series ending, one thing is certain, that this is gonna be a blast for all. They might be anticipating that the lines of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen defeating Cersei, making the White Walkers back to their homes and acknowledge that they need to give tributes to the stronger thrones. There will be great changes at the ending of the movies series and there will be great joy in each kingdom under a righteous King ruling the land having a peaceful alliance.

If you are fans of Game of Thrones, then you should know by now that the movie series is almost at the end and get ready for the next wave of great episodes until the end. What a joy to know that we’ve been following this movie series and finish this together with much anticipation.

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