Some Games You Probably Didn’t Know

1.Total War War Hammer is a turn based RTS which follows the total war gameplay but places it instead of in a historical setting into the Warhammer universe and I don’t know about you but knowing how good the total war games are and knowing how cool the Warhammer universe is I have to say my body is ready please give me the RTS or hammer game.

2.Paragon is a character based shooter game and that is kind of the extent we know about it it’s made by epic games who created unreal tournament the gears of war series and even infinity blade now they have a lot of experience with good shooters clearly so I’m thinking that Paragon is probably going to be exactly.

3.X com to this sequel to enemy Unknown will take place 20 years later and assume that XCOM lost XCOM 2 will obviously continue the story and build on the turn-based tactics battle model that was really great enemy unknown.

4.Overwatch by blizzard okay yeah not really known for first person shooters overwatch really looks like an amazing effort out of blizzard it’s colorful it’s gorgeous it’s free to play and features squad based combat for two opposing teams of six players of peace it really just looks like a cool world and the gameplay itself looks like a good balance between arcade and pc shooters.

5.Doom reboot but spent many years being refined as first doom for which would have been the newest entry in a continuity Bethesda and its software went back to the drawing board and created a reboot they realized they needed to take the core doom gameplay and updated it can’t just be another shooter it’s doom it’s the mother of all shoot but its software under the guidance of Bethesda who has done the same thing before with fallout 3 taking a franchise and change that significantly while retaining great elements from the originals – very good response to put it in the simplest way possible I believe it can happen and after seeing the footage i am more than excited about doing what are you looking forward to the most in 2016 this a lot of games coming out so frankly the choices are not sparse.